Sub-sites are dead, long live the Site Collection

For me Ignite 2017, is the conference where sub-sites died. The sub-site is dead, long live the site.


Search reborn

For me the Search announcements made at Ignite 2017 are probably the biggest ones that they made at Ignite as they are the ones that really effect an end users experience. An effective and efficient search is fundamental to their productivity.

What Transitioning to the Cloud Means for IT Organisational Structures

I’ve produced this post as response to one in the Microsoft Tech Community titled “What Transitioning to the Cloud Means for IT Organizational Structures (And why you should pay attention)”. It's worth looking at the Tech Community post and adding your contributions. I agree with the themes of decentralisation, customer centricity and the need for a strategic steering arm described in the post. My response is more around the overall experience and observations.

I’m not “Doughboy”, I’m a real person (and it’s not Yammer’s fault)

There have been several threads emerging regarding missing profile images in the Office 365 Suite Bar (example thread). The problem seems to centre around the fact that, whilst users add their picture to Office 365, it fails to appear when using services like Yammer or Planner. To illustrate: Based on the code, my picture is being … Continue reading I’m not “Doughboy”, I’m a real person (and it’s not Yammer’s fault)