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Goodbye faithful survey app

Microsoft Forms is now in Public Preview marking the end of the line of the SharePoint Survey App.

Microsoft Forms is now in Public Preview. It’s mobile ready and accessible by external users. For me this means the end of the line for the faithful SharePoint Survey App.

survey form org

Coupled with Flow, Forms can handle basic automation. It can be connected to Yammer!

form flows

The solution for Forms with ‘sophistication’ is ‘PowerApps + Flow + SharePoint’ as stated in the FAQ article:

Microsoft Forms is not a replacement for Microsoft InfoPath.

Microsoft InfoPath is being replaced by SharePoint Lists, Flow, and PowerApps – modern solutions for digitising traditional company forms, automating workflows, and transforming business processes.

Additionally, I can see the ‘Forms + Flow’ or ‘PowerApps + Flow + SharePoint’ combinations taking workloads away from the Access App which is also on the path to retirement.

Finally, testing Forms in our Tenants has revealed that:

  • The entire Tenant needs to be in First Release to access the Preview
  • All users are licensed for the product by default
  • External access is enabled by default










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