Adoption plan update

I'm working on an update to my Office 365 Adoption Plan and I'm experimenting with new ways to present the journey.


I’m not “Doughboy”, I’m a real person (and it’s not Yammer’s fault)

There have been several threads emerging regarding missing profile images in the Office 365 Suite Bar (example thread). The problem seems to centre around the fact that, whilst users add their picture to Office 365, it fails to appear when using services like Yammer or Planner. To illustrate: Based on the code, my picture is being … Continue reading I’m not “Doughboy”, I’m a real person (and it’s not Yammer’s fault)

Reusable columns

Reusing columns is useful if you want to establish a consistent definition across lists and libraries. You can share the definition across multiple lists and libraries so that you don't have to recreate the column settings each time. A significant additional benefit is that when items are added to a reusable column they discoverable through search (the magic only happens after it has been populated). Reusable columns are called site columns in SharePoint.