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Search refiners are yesterday’s algorithm

A while ago I came to the conclusion that Delve is definitely the future of search in Office 365. Delve is great for the targeted, individual relevant search, connecting people to content and content to people through the Office Graph. I believe it is the future but it is not quite there yet. The missing component from an organisational perspective is the search view and experience that the organisation wants you to have – connecting you to content that it believes is relevant to you. Currently this is possible in Search using items like Promoted Results and Result Blocks? I know it is possible today, if you want to get your coding hands dirty and you implement your own take on the Office Graph, but hands up who wants to build their own version of Delve? It’s way too much work if you ask me!

Ok I hear you say, but what about refiners. Delve does not offer many of them. But then again what do refiners really do… Refiners are yesterday’s algorithm.

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